“The tsunami may illustrate the fragility of human life, but the response to it represents the strength of the human spirit .” Bill Clinton.

This book is meant as a memento, something tangible to hold and feel, to remind us of that day in 2004 when the earth shook, unleashing one of the biggest natural disasters in recent history, leading to the largest humanitarian aid effort ever, a self organizing emergence of support worldwide.

It describes the global heart emerging after the tsunami as a manifestation of chaos and complexity and proposes its use in creating change, from heart health to peace, poverty eradication and development. It invites us to rethink the world and to use chaos and complexity to make a better world.

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Table of Contents

23 Preface
41 Tsunami Chaos Heart
47 Heart 55 Tsunami 65 Chaos
57 Chaos
91 From tsunami to tsunami heart
109 Rethinking the world
117 Rethink heart health
137 South Asian Heart
153 Millennium Heart
165 Diversity Fractal Heart
175 Peace
197 Big Ideas
217 The Future: Small world - Big plans
259 Tsunami Serendipity: Sri Lanka visit 6 months later
273 Appendix 1 - Chaos and Complexity theory of medicine
279 Update December 2005: Newer ideas - action plan
after 307 Update 2006, 2007 and more on fractals...

334 pages. Vashna Publ Toronto , 3000 Lawrence Ave E , Toronto , M1P 2V1 . vashna@rogers.com

Tsunami, Chaos and Global Heart

Using chaos and
complexity science
to make a better world.

the book
by cardiologist VS Rambihar

(author of CHAOS 2000 From Cos
to Cosmos Making a New Medicine
for a New Millennium) with
Dr Sherryn Rambihar

Dr VS Rambihar

CDN$ 20.00
334 pages. Vashna Publications Toronto 3000 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, M1P 2V1 .


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